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Ona Christie Martin

Visionary Artist, Co-Founder of Spoken Earth Ministries and Creator of the Spirit Animal Awareness Oracle Deck


Learn how your Spirit Animals can ignite your primal power to create a winning life on Earth.  


Your spirit animal is calling you!

You may have dreamed of a certain animal. Or there's one you've always loved. Perhaps you keep seeing it everywhere.  Or maybe there's one you're a little bit afraid of.

But as you gaze deep into its eyes, you find yourself entranced by its power and beauty.

And you know deep inside of you:

This animal has something important to tell you.

Something deeply meaningful. Something powerful and enlightening.

Even if you're not sure yet what your spirit animal is, something inside you knows: 

When you find it and learn to understand its messages...

Your spirit animal has the power to change your life in ways you never even dreamed were possible!

In this 75 minute free LIVE Masterclass you will discover:

A Powerful Guided Meditation to Connect With Your Spirit Animal

Whether you already know your spirit animal or have yet to discover yours, prepare to be amazed and surprised by what comes forward for you in this session.

Real Answers to Your Most Burning Questions About Spirit Animals 

"Is everyone born with a spirit animal?" "Can you work with more than one?" "How can I have a deeper relationship with my spirit animal?" Get answers to all these questions and more - plus plenty of Q&A time, too! 

An Easy, Natural  3-Step Method to Help You Create Real Impact With Spirit Animals

Learn simple steps you can use to keep your relationship with your spirit animal guides safe, sacred, and successful. 

Spirit animals are more than just a cool thing to wear on your T-shirt. They are real spiritual allies that want to help you on your spiritual path, just as they have for generations of our ancestors. And they are amazing at helping you succeed at living on Earth!

Join like-minded people from around the world in this free and insightful Spirit Animal Masterclass. Prepare to open up a whole new world of spirituality as you deepen your connection with your spirit animal guides!  

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What People Are Saying

Natalie Aiken


“Your Spirit Animal Reading Annual Review was fantastic. I found it really thorough and clear and it really clarified a lot for me.

Thanks to your review I now have multiple things to focus on bringing into my life to help me make the most of the coming year.‚ÄĚ


Sally Stanton, PhD

Shamanic Practitioner/Owner, 12 Stones Healing, Wisconsin

‚ÄúOna Christie was right on the money with my Spirit Animal Reading! There was no way she could have known that I had an existing link to this species that reaches back 30 years.¬†Ona¬†brings both a deep connection to animal spirits and a bright, joyful spirit of her own to her work. Get the word out: she‚Äôs the real deal.‚ÄĚ

Dr. Nikki Creber

Parkinson's Disease & Elder Women's Wisdom Support Coach, Australia 

“Thank you (my spirit animal reading) was profound...this is really a powerful and wonderful thing you are offering.

Your gifts are so so special. A heartfelt thank you (and) blessings to you!‚ÄĚ

About Ona  Martin

ONA CHRISTIE MARTIN¬†is a visionary artist, writer, and energy healer who has been described as ‚Äúspiritual jumper cables.‚Ä̬† She believes that to be human is to create, and when we treat Life like a sacred work of Art we naturally harmonize with the universe, helping us to create more beautiful lives for ourselves and everyone around us.¬†¬†

Ona enjoys a growing following on YouTube with her channel Art of Awakening.  She is especially known for her connection with spirit animals and is the creator of the Spirit Animal Awareness Oracle Card Deck.

Twice a month, Ona also hosts free, live community ‚ÄúLightworkers‚Äô Caf√©‚ÄĚ Gatherings for members of her online metaphysical ministry, Spoken Earth Ministries. Visit her website at SpokenEarth.org to learn more about her art and events.

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